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"Williams Web Solutions has been a trusted partner for Jim Boller & Associates for almost 13 years. They have always not only developed beautiful websites but have always supported their work when we needed any help. We highly recommend Williams Web Solutions." -- Jim B., President

Jim Boller & Associates

Client Description

Jim Boller & Associates is a full spectrum Commercial Real Estate Firm offering site acquisition as well as property disposition, lease negations, property development, farm and ranch sales, and management services of properties throughout South Texas since 1981. This is accomplished through superior knowledge of the local market and our ability to create innovative strategies for most real estate transactions. Jim Boller and Associates is available to serve you better from our office in Corpus Christi, Texas.

How Williams Web Solutions Entered the Picture

Jim Boller & Associates needed a local website development agency that was adaptable and was not ashamed to use grassroots marketing. One phone call later, work immediately began on their website design.

What Was Accomplished

Jim Boller & Associates not only a website and their properties listed, but they needed a proprietary solution for listing their properties that was completely customizable to their needs. This threw out any one-sized-fits-all CMS or template systems that are out there. Further, Williams Web Solutions was asked to make it easy, lightweight, secure, and user-friendly and keep the budget within reality.

  • Website development
  • Proprietary and custom property administration
  • Website search engine submission and local search engine marketing
  • Website and email hosting