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Irvinbilt Constructors Inc.

Client Description

Irvinbilt Constructors

With roots dating back to the 1920s, Irvinbilt Constructors is a versatile regional general construction contractor, headquartered in Chillicothe, Missouri, serving north Missouri, eastern Kansas, and southern Iowa, offering a wide variety of building services through a diverse array of delivery systems for public and private owners. We are the leading builder of water and wastewater treatment works in the region.
Irvinbilt Constructors, Inc. provides new construction, additions, and renovations for a diverse suite of project types that includes: Commercial (banks, shopping centers, churches, office buildings, and multi-family residential), Industrial (manufacturing plants, warehouses), Municipal (water/wastewater treatment plants, power plants, aquatic centers, sports complexes, pump stations, sewer and water lines), Institutional (schools and hospitals), Mechanical (process piping and equipment installation), and Highway (paving and bridges).

How Williams Web Solutions Entered the Picture

Irvinbilt Constructors website was initially started in house using dated software and methods. Further the website was woefully incomplete lending itself to not only useless but embarrassing. "It is one thing to have an incomplete website during an active time of the company within that developmental stage, but when the last time it was touched or attempted was 8 years ago and the website was still incomplete, we had a major problem," said Jeff. This began the search for a website development agency that wasn't hundreds of miles away, but had a local presence and had a personal feel. "A signed contract from a company hundreds of miles away won't have your company's best interest. We wanted someone who grew up from our area and knew our traditional values of business. We were very surprised to find a website development agency near Chillicothe within 10 miles from where I lived," continued Jeff. After a few introductory messages and a couple of phone calls, Williams Web Solutions was hired.

What Was Accomplished

Williams Web Solutions did rigorous research for construction company designs to make sure that our website (and business) wasn't going to be lost in a shuffle or fall to the bottom. With Irvinbilt's strong and very lasting construction presence in Northern Missouri, they needed a website that would capture that impression to make them the leader of the pack.

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