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"Williams Web Solutions got the job done when another company was all talk and little to prove." -- John M., Owner


Client Description

FlowTarp®, a trademarked and patented product of South Texas Canvas, is a revolutionary truck bed cover. If you're looking for a way to keep your truck bed covered, work with various loads and improve your fuel economy, then a FlowTarp® is the perfect solution. FlowTarp® is a tarp that is made to fit your truck bed seamlessly, even with a toolbox, and looks like a truck bed cover.

How Williams Web Solutions Entered the Picture

South Texas Canvas has been a customer of Robert's before he started his business and has stayed with Williams Web Solutions since the beginning. South Texas Canvas created a revolutionary truck-bed cover and desired to market it. Although originally asked for Williams Web Solutions to develop a website, South Texas Canvas went with another local website development agency. They did a great job with the design and bones of the website but failed to deliver a complete solution. There were page links that didn't go to a page, a backwards method to get to subpages, and the company did very little marketing. Extremely disappointed, John (owner of South Texas Canvas) asked Robert at Williams Web Solutions for his opinion. It didn't take long of a discussion and Williams Web Solutions was immediately hired to use the old "design" of the website but to fix what was broken, correct other areas, clean up the code, and most definitely market the website.

What Was Accomplished

Williams Web Solutions literally saved an idea and business product from being cast aside.

  • Website resign
  • Complete website search engine submission and social marketing
  • Website and email hosting