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"Our organization is headquartered out of San Antonio but no one here could capture the idea we had and able to convey it over the Internet. With a brief over the phone conversation and a few email correspondences, Williams Web Solutions completely blew us away with the website they developed for us. It is exactly what we wanted! Thank you Williams Web Solutions." -- Elena N, President

Doug Fesler Scholarship Fund

Client Description

Doug Fesler had a passion for music. While he had a natural talent for songwriting, going to the Kerrville Folk Festival Songwriter's School and the San Antonio Songwriter's Saloon gave him additional inspiration, creativity, and initiative to push himself even further to achieve more than he could have done without these groups. Doug Fesler dreamed of being a great songwriter and making an impact in the music industry. He was able to accomplish his dream. Not only was he a great songwriter, he made a great impact in the music industry through his music and through those that loved him. Through the Doug Fesler Songwriter's School Scholarship Fund, other songwriter's will be able to fulfill their dreams.

How Williams Web Solutions Entered the Picture

A current client of Williams Web Solutions recommended us to help out this organization due to past successful experience. But what began as a recommendation turned into a successful launch of a beautiful website.

What Was Accomplished

Traditional music websites introduce musicians and offers a sample album. Traditional businesses and organizations provide information of the purpose of the business and what can be offered. The Doug Fesler Scholarship Fund website was a melding of the two.

  • Logo creation
  • Website development
  • Scholarship application with musical selection
  • Website search engine submission
  • Website and email hosting