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"Williams Web Solutions made it so simple!" -- Henry M., Kingsville Noon Lions Club

A Ride on the Wild Side

Client Description

A Ride on the Wild Side is an annual bicycle event serving as a major fundraiser for the Texas Lions Camp and supports local charities and scholarships.

How Williams Web Solutions Entered the Picture

The A Ride on the Wild Side website began by the help of a "friend of a friend who knew someone" kinda start. Over the initial years as the event grew the responsibilities grew well beyond the capabilities of someone who was busy with many other obligations. Williams Web Solutions was initially hired to maintain the existing website and it worked out ok for 2022. 2023 brought on new challenges including not properly registering riders to attend the event. So Williams Web Solutions was fully involved for the 2024 season.

What Was Accomplished

Williams Web Solutions presented a much cleaner and simpler design with a complete registration and payment system in place to process all online registrations for the A Ride on the Wild Side event.

  • Website redesign
  • Email and social marketing
  • Website and email hosting